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The 8 elements
April 2020
Mixed media on linen.
Each hanging 300cm high X 76cm wide

Goddess Triptych


Pastel and ink with watercolour and gouache on paper

Each panel 300 X 55cm

Midsummer Passion Series


Dreaming of midsummer madness, painting in the hot of the summer day, what else could I do in this strange heat?  Where is it coming from?


July 2021 

Dye and ink on cotton duck canvas

Each panel 265 X 179cms



These wall hangings are a series of figurative works that represent the eight elements from the 2,500 year old Yi Jing or I Ching, translated as the 'Book of Changes', which is an ancient Chinese work of divination and prophesy.


The elements are here depicted as a group of eight hermaphroditic figures who converse with each other, ‘holding the space’. In old folklore everything is named in the plant kingdom and has a sacred meaning/symbol.


The atmosphere is enlivened by their threads of fragmented melodies which intertwine with the breeze to form a fluid elemental tapestry unified in its richness. 


Each figure emerges within this tapestry to form its own unique elemental identity. The intricacies are centred within their expressions and combined with their personal symbols.


There is tension between the losing and finding of identity within their own forms and within the broader tapestry which connects them. 


Can we possess identity or are we defined by our connections to each other and the elements which enfold us?


Can every spontaneous being possess identity, whether it be an element, a movement or a tension between holding and releasing?


“These were ­inspired from a series of small etchings I made, demonstrating a categorical and captured position of the elements. Within the loose and flowing linens, I portray them as figurative feelings.


I enjoy the precision and the fear of empty space that flows out of me in this rigid process of etching. This contrasts well with my fluid paintings of long bellowing figures that extend like flowing rivers, their souls extend and roam free but their bodies become trapped within the confinement of my etching plates. Similar to the stone circles, figures dancing in the stones, legend says they come alive at night”.


Banners around a hall. You are at the banquet of consultation, this remarkable deity offering you wisdom and insight into the consultations and coincidences of your life. They are the decision makers. As individuals they have intricacies that attend to different questions and affirmations, each play with the breeze individually.  We sit as the wind stirs their branches in awe and wonder in the tumult and agitation of the tides. They have the freedom to fall and form into whatever one the viewer may desire

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