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We Three Kings 2020.  120 X 180cm. Etchi
Boscawun-un Stone circle .jpg

Photo Etchings


BEFORE THE ETCH self portraits- contained with a stone. this collage I photo etched on to a 40x60cm metal plate.

AFTER THE ETCH. Photo graphic ethcing plates, standing stones photo collage next to Due Pond. 


Representation of Boscawen-Un Stone Circle

Etching on to Plaster.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.57.52.png

Prodjections of  Underwater Foodtage on to Plaster Etchings.

 Etching brings strictness. I like the duality of chaos and order. So I then screen printed a scan of my etching prints so I could make larger and act as defining layer to my fluid paintings- which are painted in watery fabric paints-. The etching provides the detail and more figurative symbolism, alchemy and mythology, linking in all my visual inspiration and collages and formulating it in a rigid and bold way. It also allows me to express my love of composition and draughtsman ship.

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