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Why the pickle? 

This is a story of Lily in the Valley who got herself into a pickle as she asked for more than what she knew. Dreaming in isolation, in 21st century lockdown, she was lured to dance. Naked on Altars, in bars and on beaches. I visualise this in a tapestry of interaction between story and becomes alive through the video ‘Piccalilith breaks into heaven’ Through film you can visualise the movement of weaving in and out of spaces and pickle jars. 

Once upon a Time, not in My time, not in Our time, but in Someone’s time… A pigeon falls out of the sky and lands lifeless on the ground; to then be pickled by the witch in containment of a jar. (a true story, if I were a witch) 

The utility of pickling is to preserve and encapsulate the goodness within. But the process also represents an introspective journey, feeling the sorrows of the world, shedding tears that are seen to pollute and blur reality. However the pickle truth that these tears are the real. they stand for a psychological realm of great beauty and depth, emotional intelligence. 

Snipits of  Video bellow.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 14.45.14.png
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