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the book of Lilith; journey OUT of Eden

31 paintings

I have been looking at the Biblical narrative - genesis and the fall of the Garden of Eden drawing on feminist issues and visually representing the misconception of the female that has been so commonly seen in these religious texts. For instance in some original texts Eve was created by God (from one of Adams ribs) to replace Lilith who had to be banished from the garden because of being unfaithful. It means that somehow the original femininity so essential to human life and so prevalent in more ancient religions and belief systems has been written out of the story and almost considered evil.  It also explains how the artificial arrangement with Eve, which is considered as ‘normal’ is essentially flawed as the original female is no longer present in the Biblical Garden of Eden.  Feminists see Lilith as representing female empowerment and a symbol of womanhood, having experienced male dominance and suppression. She also represents the force of Nature.

This piece of work holds ideas of Christianity, mythology and the ancient world, but its made for the now, it draws on idea of sex, gender and the concepts of the feminine and her place in the world, as a woman living in the world as a young feminist. It gives a voice to Eve and shows Lilith’s rightful place in a genesis story.


 I have been exploring Lilith from this new perspective. In the traditional view she was banished from Garden of Eden. In actual fact she was trapped within Eden, the so called perfect paradise buried in the constant qualifications of the relatively changing society and Her journey out of Eden, into the wilderness was a journey to the ‘inner land’ of subconscious- freedom in touch with herself her intuition and instincts. Rather than portraying her as seductress demon she becomes a strong independent woman. Being connected to the land and your body is like being connected to your true self, your intuition. These are the things that Lilith and eve struggle battle with; on a journey to woman hood and independence. Lilith for me is the wild woman, a dancing force that lives in all of us, a timeless positive loving energy.

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