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Lilith Piper (b.1999)  BA (Hons) Fine Art. Falmouth University 2020. Lilith has been broadening her practice, working in changing mediums and scale, in different artistic fields, such as set design, performance art and mural painting with numerous exhibitions and live events. See the Diversity below.

Lilith piper at Glastonbury festival, Working with the WRA (white ribbon

alliance) (2022)

Painting installation in a 30ft yurt, 16 paintings connecting to stories of

mothers lives lost.

0003452-R1-31-33 copy.JPG

Lilith Piper at Glastonbury festival, Stage Manager of the Woodsies stage


300-year-old oak tree has been structured in the centre of the site to

remind guests of their “connec4on with nature”.


Glastonbury festival, Stage scrims. Liliths designs stage left and right on Avalon stage.


RESIDENCY WITH HAUSER & Wirth in Braemar, Scotland 

 octyypt works in response to the local landscape. 8 Frames stretched with canvas, installed in the landscape 



Exhibition at Shatwell farm Somerset, Winter

solstice (2022)

The song of the Silo | Video and sound installation in the Grain Silo.

The film was filmed on my residency with Hauser & Wirth. Underwater film, footage from the River Dee Scotland, August 2022

The meaning of the Dee is Goddess. The purest of water I ever did swim. Through the film I fly through flickering forms of a song. I express the need for listening and healing in nature. Just as the wind-blown tree is the living energy of the wind, the body is the waters movement, its song. I feel the crystal-clear cairngorms waters ambrosia through my body, dropping into the sensual world…everything that we don’t know, everything that we can only feel. The silo becomes an exploding horn of plenty. where we preserve and encapsulate the goodness within

IMG_8583 copy_edited.jpg

LABYRINTH Fire ceremony   

Exhibition at Shatwell farm Somerset, Winter

solstice (2022)

A Swedish torch fire labyrinth installation and

ceremony. Created in collaboration with Mark Willienbruch. 

Symbolising the return of the sun into the world again, is a labyrinth spiral created by Mark Willienbruch. A Cup and ring marking on the land, a spiral space to hold the universal energy of suns life force. Mark ‘Walking the illuminated spiral invites you to look within whilst simultaneously being present to the outer world, bringing forth our luminous souls.’


journey to the centre of the labyrinth spiral and burn with conscious forgetting, taking with you only the essence of the medicine as you let go your intention.

Link to the Film

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 11.54.22.png
WORK 1. iching elements  copy.jpg


Stretching a deer hide onto a frame. The Deer hide is celebrated through performance. on the left the deer hide becomes a screen for video projection. "silo song" is projected on to this canvas. 


on The right, the hide came with me to the Bramear Highland games, where I painted onto the canvas. people where invited to come and chat, to open the conversation 




‘Piccalilith Myth’ Exhibition, Solo show exhibition of works and live on the opening and closing ceremonies. In the Tithe

barn pilton, on the Glastonbury festival site. October (2021)

Deepening a celebration between light and dark, a luscious lore of land and body, set in the 

stone walls of the c14th medieval barn filled with paintings & tapestries, moving like fluid sounds of a song and weaving stories spun by candlelight.


 Born and bred in Somerset, Lilith is welcomed the opportunity by festival founder Michael Eavis to stage her multimedia exhibition in the C.14th tithe barn loving restored by him on the Glastonbury festival site. The installation of paintings, ceramic, textiles, prints and drawing together with performance art will bring the ancient walls to life again. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 12.02.11.png

Candlestick cross installation and performance at the Tithe barn 2022

The candlestick maker has been at work!

The dancers will move out of their stone walls

Awakening the painterly atmosphere 

with performance & sound

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 21.50.58.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 12.02.11.png


The Book Of Lilith. Printed in Somerset, exhibited in St. Moritz

and Bruton (Hauser and Wirth)

Journey Out of Eden, The Book of Lilith is a hand bound, hand

coloured and embossed 40 page concerRna book 9” x 6” (230mm x

155mm) and 6000mm long. It has been printed in an ediRon of 50

on the highest quality 320gsm Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and will

be released for exhibiRon bellow*

*Summer of Love exhibiKon at KUNSTGALERIE CENTRAL ST. St

Morits, Switzerland. (2019)


King Pigeon, Adorned in a cloak of gold, 2020 

Mixed media and fabric, mounted with black velvet 

Installation view 'in real life' graduate exhibition, the Maltings.

Courtesy of artist and Hauser & Wirth 

Show at Hauser & wirth maltings studio .png

"descent" by Midland actors Theatre 

Commission to create bespoke Shadow cloak for the Goddess in the play 'Descent'

Set design and costume by Lilith Piper for theatre production “Descent” by Midland Actors Theatre, Birmingham August 2021. 


Large printed gauzes “Winter Solstice Illumination” on the right and “Goddess figure” on the left.


“The Goddess’ Shadow Cloak”


The dark and encompassing shapes of the shadow, inspired by moth patterns.

Hand painted/dyed velvet

WORK 1. iching elements  copy.jpg

The 8 elements April 2020
 Mixed media on linen.
Each hanging 300cm high X 76cm wide. Here the series are installed in a concertina frame.

These wall hangings are a series of figurative works that represent the eight elements from the 2,500 year old Yi Jing or I Ching, translated as the 'Book of Changes', which is an ancient Chinese work of divination and prophesy.


The elements are here depicted as a group of eight hermaphroditic figures who converse with each other, ‘holding the space’. In old folklore everything is named in the plant kingdom and has a sacred meaning/symbol.

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